Facts about Obesity

Facts about Obesity

Facts about Obesity

Every human being wishes to maintain a good body shape. Most of the time we face many obstacles in the process of getting perfect body shape. One of the most common and obstinate among them is fatness.

Obesity means excess body fat is stored in places like abdomen, thighs and arms. Several factors are responsible for fatness. Awareness about the causes of obesity will help you to prevent them easily.

The causes of obesity:

1) Genetic disorder:-

It is important to know how your genes play a vital part in making you vulnerable to this serious health condition. Unlike other health issues, major chances you face this serious health issues (obesity) if your parents are overweight. Genes control a weight related processes in the body. Genes control metabolic rate, blood glucose metabolism, and fat-storage and hormonal balanced within the body.

2) Environmental facts:-

This is a major concern regarding several health issues. Factors like pollution, artificial ingredients used in farming add to our wretchedness.

3) Psychological facts:-

This is concerns what you eat as well as you are eating habits. Many individual simply cannot control their savor sprouts and continue masticating something as they like it. Besides this, it is believe that touching hysterics like sadness or fury induce a person to spoil in overindulge.

4) Other factors:-

Your weight in early years and adolescent decides your maturity weight.

Hormonal turbulence, particularly in women during pregnancy and menopause are responsible for obesity. Ingestion of oral contraceptives might also cause obesity problems.

Uneven and unrestrained eating habits are a main cause for fatness. Overeating habits creates excess fat that the body is unable to eradicate. Discarding your body with processed and oily foods add to fat collection.

A diet that rich in sugar, fats and carbohydrates creates more difficulty.

If you suffer from serious health ailments like hypothyroidism, insulin resistance, polycystic ovary syndrome etc then you are more likely to become overweight.

Taking over the counter medications for depression, seizures, diabetes, high blood pressure, antihistamines etc also causes fatness.

If your metabolic rate is sluggish, then you are more likely to become overweight.

Obesity also cause due to physical indolence and the total calorie you burn should be more than what you receive throughout your meal. If you know more about ways to control obesity then stay tuned with us. Lose weight is essential thing that regulate healthy and active lifestyle. So follow these tips to keep your body in shape and enjoy happy lifestyle.