Several health issues in men and women

Several health issues in men and women

Several health issues in men and women

Different character individuality predicts the similarity between men and women. In addition, men are likely to have added physical patience and capability insist of women. Life gap between men and women have decreased consequently. However, men require paying more awareness about their health. Men always have few disadvantage regarding health issues. Men have several harmful habits like those that excessive cigarette smoking and alcohol consumption compare to women. Every man has to face several work related stress as they repeatedly describe themselves by their career.

Men’s health issues like heart illness, erectile dysfunction (impotence), polygenic disease, cancer all this serious issue are rising because of men likely to avoid this frequently. Most of the time men are more averse to seek medical recommendation. One of the common people’s health issues is erectile dysfunction. This serious health issues is a commonly seen in every folks who suffer from low sexual desire. Physical as well as psychological conditions are responsible for erectile dysfunction problem among men.

However, recent researches found the physical condition as of stress, anxiety, hypertension and hormone unbalanced could lead to the risk of erection problem. Erection issues are easy to detect in the initial stages. Overweight and unhealthy condition in men life is one of the most common regions that men are suffering from sexual problem.  You can stay away from erectile dysfunction problem by eating healthy diet and change unhealthy lifestyle. HIV/AIDS are also one of the most shocking men’s health issues observed in all over the globe. Men are likely to have several sexual associates without the safety protection. In this condition, more number of chances that man at risk for sexually transmitted diseases as of HIV/AIDS.

Obesity is also one of the common health issues observed in most of the people. Worried about work issues and lodged with inactive lifestyle provoked by cigarette smoking and alcohol drinking it can lead to the obesity. In addition, obesity as a result leads to other unfavorable health circumstances like heart illness and polygenic disorder diabetes. Obesity is serious health issues that ought to mistreated.

Low testosterone level also one of the most roofed men’s health issues. Low testosterone level can cause you so much irritation during sexual intercourse and reproduction. Low testosterone level as one of the men’s health issues may have physiological as well as psychological causes. With the more responsibility towards family and society, men are more prone to stress and connect with unhealthy lifestyles. If you wish to treat this serious issue then you need to pay attention towards your health issues.

With the major inequality of health issues, there is no doubt that men’s health issues are flattering a main worry. Above all is clear that the major similarity between male and female health issues. Reduce this inequality exercise and change unhealthy living life style is best option to tackle this issues.



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