Five natural remedy to cure head pain instantly



Headache is common issues among so many individual. After headache, people are turn to take some medication to cure it completely. Today several home remedy are available to get cure this issues slowly. Natural remedies for headaches that offer you instant cure without having any side effect like chemical medicines.

Natural remedy to cure headache instantly:

1)    Ginger for headache:

Ginger is one of the best kinds of natural instant cures for headache. It is best herbal remedy to reducing the swelling of the blood vessels in the head. You can also take ginger with tea it gives you best possible result as you cannot consider. You can also add ginger in your deal diet to take maximum health benefits.

2)    Cinnamon for instant relief from head pain:

Cinnamon is best natural remedy to cure headache slowly and it work effectively in the case of headache occur due to cold. You can use this natural stick of cinnamon with combination of water to look like paste. The paste of cinnamon you can apply on your head and this will give you instant pain relief within couple of minute. You can also use powder of cinnamon with honey the mixture of honey and cinnamon powder gives you relief from headache slowly.

3)    Mullein to cure head pain slowly:

Mullein is a natural plant as well as herbs, the root and flowers of the mullein commonly used to make natural medicines to cure several health issues especially for head pain. You can also take this in the form of powder. If you want to make the powder of mullein then take the roots and flowers of mullein clean them properly and put them under the dark sunlight until they  becomes dry. If you take this powder twice in a day, you will get relief from head pain instantly.

4)    Peppermint oil for head massage:

Peppermint oil has found in reassuring properties due to this property it is best home remedy to cure chronic head pain instantly. Several health studies prove that it is best natural remedy to get relief from headache. Head massage of this oil will help you open the blood vessels in the brain and allow a more blood flow towards the brain. You can also blend leafs of peppermint and use this paste on your head to cure headache.

5)    Rosemary for head pain:

Use of rosemary is effective remedy for headache problem. Rosemary has contain the rosmarinic acid it is kind of antioxidant that offer you to cure this issues effectively. You can also take this rosemary powder with tea, intake of this tea twice in a day you will get soon recovery from headache. You can take this combination of tea within few hours; you will get relief from headache.





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