Facts of blueberries – keep your heart in good condition

Blueberries for health

Blueberries for health

Antioxidants has numerous health advantages it may comes from several foods to protect you from various health illness. Today every individual are know the importance of antioxidants and try to get more antioxidant that are crucial for health and recover from various health disease. Blueberries are found more antioxidant insist of green vegetables. Roots or leave of blueberries used to make medicines and skin care product. Health benefits of blueberries as follow

1)    Berries for healthy heart – Heart illness are serious problem in all prospect and you need to take more precaution to cure it properly. High quantity of antioxidants, fiber and help to reduce the level of bad cholesterol that is responsible for heart attacks or stroke, all this function make blueberries perfect food for heart patient. Dieters prefer berries juice to reduce some extra weight. Blueberries are a perfect dietary supplement to cure several heart diseases. Red wine contains anthocyanin it will help to keep your heart in well condition.

2)    Berries for eye health – Because of their ability to alleviate fatigue this is good food for eye. Important vitamins or minerals are found in berries are essential for eye health and lutein is crucial for eye disease like cataract and macular degeneration. It will help to improve eye vision and protect from various eye disease. Intakes of blueberries in a day it will assist you to protect from lose of eye vision especially in adults.

3)    Berries for weight lose mission – intake of blueberry-affected genes coupled to fat burning and storage. The take a look at subjects were the test conducted, men who eat freeze-dried blueberries then result is he had less abdominal fat, help to reduce cholesterol and triglycerides.

4)    Berries for active brain – Blueberries will improve brain performance and may combat the beginning and the progression of Alzheimer’s and brain disease. Regular intake of those little berries, they will help to recover broken brain cells and raising the entire functionality of the brain. Use of blueberry juice will help you to improve brainpower.

5)    Berries for cancer prevention – Nutrient that found in blueberries contain in abundance that are useful to prevent cancer. Abundance is flavonoid and also known as, kaempferol will help to prevent ovarian cancer. Study shows that daily intake of berries juice is good for overall health and prevents you from health disease.

As you will see, the health advantages of blueberries are monumental and everybody ought to take into their health diet.


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