Natural way to keep your blood sugar level low

Low blood sugar

Low blood sugar

Keep low blood sugar can be irresistible, to dealing with low blood sugar naturally then you will take advice from your family doctor and friend. To deal with health illness is minimum use of chemical medicine. Following is the way to fight to keep your blood sugar low.

Set the goal to maintain your blood sugar low

First thing is to change your lifestyle what you are doing now and set the goal to your daily activity. Take control of the following thing, which you are normally doing in your daily life, it will play an important role to stay you fit and healthy.Take control of calories intake in your lifestyle because of increase the calories intake in our diet then the rise the chance of high vital sign and increase the glucose level. Reduce the intake of carbohydrates in your daily diet because more number of carbohydrates you consume quickly raises your blood sugar level. More number of water you drink it will help to your body process to function properly. Exercise can play important role because it will help to move every part of our body so body use more glucose to function all activity.

Different diet plan to stay you fit and healthy

change diet plan is first thing to move forward because keep blood sugar low helped to stay away from diabetes.

Carbohydrates – More carbohydrates food can cause the high blood pressure, the fast convert food are like white bread and starches.

Protein- Fish contains numerous proteins so eating fish is good or healthy way to get protein to our whole body.  Avoid the habit of eating red meat because it contains a fat, salmon and tuna fish is good for your health to help to maintain your sugar level. Eating peas, nuts and seeds is the best way to get protein to our body.

Liquids – liquid is best to stay our body hydrated all time because water contains an ailments to help our body to stay hydrated. Tea, coffee, juice is not proper option to our body to stay hydrated all time it is a one form of water. Soda and juice are the wrong to fill the position of water, all these ingredients can negatively affected to increase blood sugar level in our body. If you are not water drinker take water with some flavor, but main thing to check added sugar e.g lemon slices is good flavor for water drinker.

Foods to keep blood sugar level low

Water, strawberries, oatmeal and green beans this food is help to control our blood sugar level low. Fruits and green vegetables are the natural way to keep blood sugar low because it contains protein and nutrients this is essential ingredients to stay fit and healthy.

Exercise is best way to fight with blood sugar

Exercise is the natural way to lowering your blood sugar. Exercise help to increase your heart rate and help you to breathe faster to give oxygen to your blood. When you do exercise, your body performs a specific moment and your muscles use more glucose. When you want to lower your blood sugar do the exercise in regular it is a natural way to reduce blood sugar level. Other ways of exercising is walking or swimming is the best exercise to help to keep blood sugar level low. Swimming and walking help to move bone and relief from joint pain.



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