Advantages of drinking water for health


Drinking waterToday we seen majority people are suffer from dehydration of water, in market we get coffee, soft drinks, and energy booster, plain water often loses its luster. Nearly every aspect of our body’s function need for the fluid, because as human we are composed 75 percent of the stuff in our body.  Without water only few days we can survive because water makes the medium that helps our cells communicate with each other.  We can see how water helpful to healthy human bodies the steps as follow.

Water helps skin to look good and healthy: – human body skin contains plenty of water that protect barrier to prevent excess fluid loss. Due to dehydration your skin look more dry and create wrinkle this can be procure with proper dehydration, but once you will adequately hydrated the kidney can move the excess fluids through the body. Always keep you’re your skin wash; you’ll be able to use wet lock in your skin to remain your skin continually wash.

Water helps to control calories in our body: – When you want to reduce weight choose water insist of non calories beverages or diet which contains water rich foods that are healthier this help to trim calories intake.  Water rich food look larger and it absorbed slowly by the body, water rich food such as beans, oatmeal and fruits.

Water help to reduce the risk of cancer: – drinking healthy amount of water may reduce the risk of bladder cancer and colon cancer because water dilutes the concentration of cancer in the urine. They shortens the time in contact with bladder lining, it’s a part of human digestive system.

Water help to recover from headaches and infection: – headaches are cause due to dehydration water helps you to get well soon, also in your illness stay to hydrate is must water not only fights infection but also helps you get soon.

Water help to make you smarter: – human brain requires too much oxygen from work in optimum level, drinking plenty of water gives all the oxygen it needs.  When you drink lots of water it increase your psychological feature perform, it need you to drink a minimum of 1 to 2 liters of water during a day this perform improve performance of our body. Drinking plenty of water keeps moisture in your joints to remain strong and flexible, so it helps the movement smooth and pain free. To stay your joint strong, healthy and lubricated drink water as much as your body needs.

Tips to drink water as much as you need

1-      Drink more liquids

2-      Drink water after very snacks and meal

3-      Eat fruits and vegetable, because they gain the capacity of fluids intake

4-      Always keep water bottle with you


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