Smoking addiction is injurious to health.

smoking kills life

smoking kills life

People know the cigarette smoking is dangerous to health. The main truth behind Cigarette smoking is  destroying the human life. Cigarette is made up for tobacco its mainly contain with nicotin. Nicotin is an addictive drug and it could affect the body such as increase the blood pressure and  heart beat. Some time cigarette take a life of ones in simple word,  cigarette smoking person is always near to the death stage. Cigarette stops  your body growth and it could affect the various diseases .

Effect of cigarette smoking.

A Person who smokes the smoke not only harm himself but also harm  surrounding people. An infant and toddlers who have affected by secondhand smoking the major chances to cause bronchitis and pneumonia. In home mother and father is smoking the major chances of a child get asthma.

If mother and father both are cigarette smoking, the youngster is also habit to smoke a cigarette. Specially pregnant women who smoke, are responsible for weight loss in babies and reason for future health complications.

Smoking is responsible for the increase in heartbeat and acceleration of a fat deposition in the arteries.  smoking reduces the exercise capacity of a person.

Smoking burns the hairs in the upper part of the airways which is naturally protected from air, dust, particles and  bad smoke. When this naturally protects  system is damaged the germs, dust , particles and bad smoke directly come into the lungs,  So it will create a problem of breathing.

Smoking  damages our blood vessels of the eyes , it causes a problem of itching. Heavy smokers may lead a problem to loss eyesight.

The blood vessels of the legs  are damaged  by smoking and it will cause pain in the legs. More chances of  Heavy smokers to cause gangrene of  the feet.

Smoking affect  elastic tissues of skin,  As soon as Smoking affect  elastic tissues of the skin then wrinkles start appearing very quickly. Smoking deprived oxygen on the skin and loss its texture, or loss glow and skin get the  yellowish cast.

Due to smoking cause a cancer of  the lungs , larynx , oral activity and bladder.  Due to smoking so many people are dying.

Cigarette smoking impact on men and women :

Due to smoking it has unbalance estrogen hormone in women.  Smoking  causes dry skin of genitals and reduces blood flow to the genital organs. Females who smoke can get illnesses of Fallopian pipes and their egg production is damaged. Smoking cigarettes can cause abortion. It can totally change our life and speed up in the aging process.

Cigarette smoking affects erections and can become a reason for male impotence. It  can cause a semen and also reduces sperm fertility and affects sperm motility. Cigarette smoking also affects our sextual life,  Hence stop smoking its a long-term benefit for you and your loved ones.



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