Precaution and treatment of asthma.


asthma treatment

Asthma :

Asthma is commonly observed disease in all over the world . Asthma is a disorder which commonly seen in adult as well as children. There are so many reasons responsible for asthma such as Gas , smoke, dust or someone have allergies from foods and vegetables .

Symptoms :

We have seen the signs of asthma such as hacking ,coughing and wheezing, pain and pressure as well as problem of breathing. This is the prevalent issue observe from asthma. A while individual has suffered from hardness in the  chest this also symptoms of asthma. Individuals experience the symptoms of asthma when the hardness of air passage or irritate.

We notice the every individual has not a same indication of asthma. A lot of  people have different signs of asthma at different time. Many bronchial asthma person have extended period of time without having any signs. Other men and women have bronchial asthma signs every day .

Asthma symptom in children – asthma affects the most of children at the age of five or at any age. Bronchial asthma symptoms in kids have been increasing most frequently. A while symptoms of asthma in kids have not been identified.  Major symptoms seen in children are weakness, breathing problems, lost  energy, coughing and most of the time children are laughing. The main reason for increase  asthma in  children are human . Because infants and youngsters are suffering from  many ways like air contamination, second hand cigarette smoking etc..

Precautions of asthma :

Asthma is a chronic illness so it is essential for an individual to take care and be careful. It’s a  respiration related issue and  risky to take a life. It is important for an asthma person to take a regular precautions. The precautions of asthma as follows.

Avoid smoking its dangerous to health, because smoking fills toxins in the system. Toxins create a major issue with the respiration and make a stress on the program. So asthmatic create more bronchial spasms and affected by respiratory infection. That is the reason to avoid smoking.

Take a morning hour walk, it makes you strong respiration and breathing. At morning time the air is clean and relaxing so it is working like a treatment power. In morning time there is less pollution.

Asthma patient always eats a healthy and light food. Avoid a spicy food or take a fat free food as well as take a vegetable and fruits. Maintain a healthy diet to stay fit and active, healthy life is a way to recover from asthma.


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